PO Box 2692, Wichita, KS 67201
Emerald City Sisters

Who are We...

House Members

          Nv  Sister Stella Asstra

           Nv Guard Niel Enbob

           Nv Sister Ursula Morecock

           Post. Sister Sadie M Asstokiss 

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Our History

An over whelming calling to ministry after attending the City of Fountain Sisters' Exequator, The Emerald City Sisters of Wichita, KS, was founded in October 2018. 

in action

Our Calling

We use our talents and means to spread awareness and understanding. Focusing on, yet not exclusive to, the LGBTQ community. Power through joy, advocacy trough love. 

Who are the Emerald city Sisters

Nv Guard Niel Enbob


Guard Niel spreads joy and love in his strong silent way. He has the loyalty of a chow with the heart of a lab, don't worry he has had most of his shots.

Nv Sister Stella Asstra


Sr. Stella is like a young Manchego, compulsively edible with a sweet, mellow flavor and firm texture ideal for snacking. 

Nv Sister Ursula Morecock


Raised in far off lands, Sr. Ursula, when not spreading joy, spends her off time wrestling bears.

Pt Sister Sadie M Asstokiss


OMG! She's a Doctor!


Coronet & Logo

the Bertrille


Wichita is well known as the Air Capital for it's many aircraft manufactures. Spirit (formerly  Boeing), Cessna, LearJet, Textron, Beech, and many others make their home in Wichita. 

To pay homage to the industry that has put Wichita on the map, our coronet is a mimic of a set of wings to give us lift. We can only hope that Sister Bertrille would be pleased wth her namesake coronet.

Other Views

The Ruby Slippers


The Ruby slippers are an iconic image. They kept Dorothy safe is an strange land, through adventures meeting unfamiliar people. In the end they were her ticket home. Our Ruby Slippers show you that what you need is already inside you. 


The Emerald City Sisters meet once a month on the first Wednesday. 

Archive of our Monthly Meeting Minutes can be viewed here.